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Toddler Program

Infants are born with what Maria Montessori termed “a spiritual embryo” meaning they carried special gifts and talents, individual creativity, and the ability to develop to their greatest potential. Her research and today’s science also support the idea that the brain and physical development progress faster during the first 3 years than any other period in our lives. GLM provides spacious room to interact with rich sensory materials in a calm, but stimulating setting. Little ones learn to use their large muscles as they progress through crawling, walking, and running. They use their smaller muscles for grasping, touching, and exploring objects.

Activities are strategically placed around the classroom for toddlers to choose independently. These materials begin to introduce the concepts of sound, movement, shape, form, and sequence. The work changes and evolves as the child develops physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Our staff supports the children’s natural development, with the focus continually on encouraging independence. It is during these earliest years that children begin to build the foundation of who they will become. They are forming their character, self esteem, life’s purpose, social skills, and learning processes. The adults will also help them develop strong, loving, trusting relationships and healthy attachments to prepare them socially and emotionally for adulthood.

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