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Elementary Program

An Elementary classroom provides opportunities for lessons shaped to fit each student’s needs and their growing development. They will continue to build on the foundational skills they acquired in the Early Childhood program and will be guided using an independent study schedule. They will consult with their teacher to create a work plan to organize and manage lessons in math computation, geometry, reading, writing, language, geography, cultural studies, history, botany, zoology, chemistry, and anatomy.

During this period of heightened ability to use the imagination, students will use their skills to move from concrete concepts to more abstract thinking when they study the vastness of the universe- from exploring the depths of space to the microscopic building blocks. They will also investigate their own cultural background and investigate the customs and traditions of others from around the globe.

Maria Montessori believed a primary objective for the Elementary child was to understand the world around them and their role and responsibility to it.


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