About us

What we do

History of Green Leaf Montessori

Green Leaf Montessori was founded by Tim and Julia Hittinger, whose passion for working with children led them to their teaching paths more than 15 years ago. They also owned and operated Greenwood Montessori Children’s House from 2015-2021. 

Tim began his career in 2004 during the founding year of a local Montessori school, which was established by his mother, Anita. Julia began her career in 2006 in a local township as a Special Education teacher and in 2012, she realized her true passion lay in the methods outlined by the Montessori philosophy and joined Tim and Anita. Together, the Hittinger family has led hundreds of children through their early childhood programs under the guiding principle of providing an opportunity to work under the Montessori philosophy and fostering a love of learning.

Our Mission

GLM provides a rich learning environment designed to inspire children to work to their potential, becoming lifelong learners through a meaningful, individualized curriculum. We pride ourselves in being able to provide an authentic Montessori experience using a personalized approach with teachers trained to observe and tailor lessons to each child’s learning style and interests. The deeply committed staff strives to collaborate with the families and neighbors in the City of Greenwood and the surrounding neighborhoods to create a learning center that will benefit the whole community.