Julia Hittinger

Lead Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher

Julia Hittinger received her bachelor’s degree in Special Education and is certified through the Indiana Dept. of Education in SpecialEducation grades K-12 and General Elementary Education grades 1-6.  Her experience with Montessori education began when she, her husband, Tim, and Anita Hittinger founded a Montessori day camp in 2005.  She spent the first 5 ½ years of her professional teaching career in Perry Township and Center Grove where she worked in many capacities.  She worked with students diagnosed with various Mild Cognitive disabilities and led small group reading instruction using a researched-based intervention. She fully embraced the Montessori philosophy and helped to found the Elementary program at another local Montessori school in 2012.  She has a passion for reading and writing, visual arts, music, and nature.  She is a strong believer in students working to their potential and differentiating instruction based on student interests and skill levels.  She would like to see more schools founded on its fundamentals and practices.  Outside of teaching, Julia enjoys spending time with her husband, Tim, and daughter, Mya, reading, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, watching movies, and playing with her cat and dog.  She is received her Elementary Montessori training from Seton Montessori Institute in Chicago.

Tim Hittinger

Lead Early Childhood Teacher

Tim received his bachelor’s degree with a social science emphasis and has a special interest in cultural anthropology. His experience with Montessori education began as a preschooler at the Children’s House in Beech Grove. He received training in the nationally recognized Music Together program and received both paraprofessional training and Early Childhood training from Seton Montessori Institute, formerly MECA. Montessori education is his passion because it helps people learn how to be their best. He and his wife, Julia, live on the south side of Indianapolis. He has shared his special areas of interests and passions by enriching classes with Spanish, music, storytelling, and physical activity. Tim enjoys sports, music, martial- arts, sailing, slalom water-skiing, reading, writing, and his dog.

Justin Freeland

Lead Toddler Teacher

Mr. Justin is a Lead Teacher for the toddler classroom in the afternoon and works the aftercare program. Justin is from Whiteland and has been with GMCH for three years. His favorite part about his job is helping kids each and every day and he hopes to become a Montessori teacher some day. He has attended classes on the Montessori philosophy and practices with the United Montessori Schools of Indiana (UMSI). In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends, spending time with his nephew, and playing video games.



Anita Hittinger

School Consultant

Anita received her BA degree from Purdue University and her American Montessori Society credential in Early Childhood Education after receiving training through Seton Montessori Institute.  She has been teaching in a variety of capacities since 1987, mostly in early childhood.  Her introduction to Montessori education began at the Montessori Children’s House in Beech Grove where both of her sons attended preschool.  After seeing the love of learning instilled within her own children, she was very excited for the opportunity to serve there as a Montessori assistant for three years.  She served as director of 2 other preschools for nine years and 11 years respectively.  She has a passion for helping children reach their full potential.  Anita lives in Indianapolis with her husband and enjoys spending time with her family, reading music, gardening, camping, hiking, cycling, boating and water-skiing.