Thank you for your interest in GLM!

We would love to have you visit and see our classroom environment. To schedule a tour, please call 317-289-1962 to coordinate a day and time.

We ask that you make more than one visit when considering our school. During your first visit, we ask that you simply observe the classroom through our Observation Window. The classroom teacher will offer you a folder with information about the school and some items to note while you take in what you see. The second visit is for the parents and the prospective child. Both parents and child are welcome to interact with the classroom materials and activities to get a stronger feel for if we are the right environment for you.

Interested in more information about how a Montessori learning environment might be the right choice for your family?

Click the link below to check out this informational video from the American Montessori Society.


Living Montessori: The Parent Perspective