To the GMCH family,

This is not how I wanted my first blog post to go. I am not a person who shares raw emotions easily and anyone who knows me knows I have great difficulty asking for help. I left school March 13th thinking “Today was Friday the 13th and it really was pretty good! Life is pretty good! I’m about to start a 2 week Spring Break and I am ready for some casual fun and relaxation with my family.” Our staff continues to impress me with their hard work and our students are definitely flourishing! School enrollment was only 3 spots from being completely full and we had just made a couple new hires to continue offering the highest support and care in our classrooms. Our enrollment for the 2020-2021 school was also well underway and showing some amazing promise for the Fall. Who wouldn’t be happy and believe everything was on the upswing?

Just like many of you, our lives have changed drastically in the last week from what they were. Many of us began feeling more stress and anxiety as we shifted into new methods of carrying out our daily responsibilities to ourselves, our families, and our employment. I, myself, have fought the idea of how “unfair” this is. I worried about the children and how they are coping with stress they barely understood the root of. I worried about the health and employment of their families. Instead of feeling free, I spent the first few days of my Spring Break feeling very unhappy and feeling very lost. We’ve continued to offer services to the families who need our essential service and are staying connected with others using digital tools, however, we are still very worried about the future of Greenwood Montessori. While we are happy to find new ways to maintain the smiles on the children’s faces and discover how many families are digging deep and finding new ways to adapt and continue to find the positives, we are quickly realizing the reality of how much this may impact our existence.

Greenwood Montessori would be celebrating its 5th anniversary in August 2020.
Tim and I have been planning on purchasing a renovated, permanent location for 2021 for the last year.

I am devastated about the idea of neither of these happening, but feeling absolutely ripped apart about the possibility of our school falling to a disaster I could have never predicted would come. This would dissolve an incredible community of teachers and families who have worked so hard to offer our children the very best we have to offer. As we continue to work through this difficult time, I humbly ask, if you are able, please continue to pay your tuition or even make a donation, please use the method of payment you prefer or our PayPal link below or on the home page at We want to continue to support the children and the greater community.